Partnership is our terminology for what many churches call "membership". Eventually, after you've gotten to know us a bit and you feel comfortable calling Hope Church "your church", we think it's important that you become a partner. We have sign-ups once or twice a year for a brief "Partnership Orientation". In the meantime, feel free to peruse the partnership manual. 

  • partnership manual

    Start HERE! This easy-to-read manual describes exactly what it means to be a partner at Hope Church.

    For those considering partnering at Hope Church for the first time, going through this manual is the first step in the process and should be read before the partnership orientation.


    After reading the partnership manual, the second step is to attend three classes called "START", "GROW" and "MOVE".  These classes take place on Saturday mornings at the church.  These classes allow you to ask questions, meet some key leaders, and connect with others who are pursuing next steps as well!

  • 2020 partnership re-up

    If you were a partner in 2019 and would like to  "re-up" your partnership, click here to access the form.