2016 By-Law REvision Proposal

Hello Hope Church Partners,

As you know, we are currently navigating a pastoral transition.  The journey to the next season always takes a lot of time, thought, and work.  The selection of leaders is not only difficult, but it is extremely important - particularly in a church.  Leaders/Pastors ought to be not only competent in their roles, but also individuals of high character.  Additionally, they must be a great fit for the church. Great candidates that are the wrong fit produce the same result as poor character or competence. It just doesn’t work out.

We, as elders, want nothing more than to see God’s kingdom expand through Hope Church.  This is a great church and we are ready for the next level.  It is our desire to continue to build a team of elders and staff that will help lead and support Hope Church through the next season in the church’s life.

As soon as possible we want to begin the process of hiring a new pastoral team member, but we feel like we would first like to make a minor by-law change.  A bylaw change is rare for us - the last one was in 2011!  

The elder team has decided on this change but we need and desire the affirmation of our church partners. This is the reason for this communication with you.  Once you review the change and pray/think through our reasoning,  per our by-laws you will have two weeks to submit your affirmation.  

Affirmation ballots are due NO LATER THAN JUNE 27, 2016.

After this change is complete, we can post our new job description immediately and begin the search for the next best candidate for Hope Church.

>  Below you will find the changes we have made.

>  Below is a link to our church's full Constitution and By-laws.  

If you would like to speak with an elder, we are happy to set up a personal time to speak with you.  Just email Tom Ingala at tingala@cthope.com and one of the elders will get in contact with you to set up a meeting time.


Tom, David, & David


  • Proposed Change #1

    Current Wording:

    The Senior Pastor

    The Senior Pastor, serving as a paid elder, shall be responsible to provide directional leadership, vision-casting, and teaching for the church. Other responsibilities, defined by the Elder Team, shall be based on church needs and the Senior Pastor’s gifts. The guidelines for selecting and the ending the service of the Senior Pastor shall be the same as those for other elders described above.

    Proposed Edit:

    Pastoral Staff

    The Elder Team may include one or more individuals serving the church in a full or part-time paid position. The primary responsibilities of the paid pastors are in the areas of leadership, vision-casting and teaching. Specific titles used (e.g., Senior Pastor, Lead Pastor, Teaching Pastor) and the division of responsibilities between the pastors shall be determined by the Elder Team based on the pastors’ gifts and the current needs of the church. A designated pastor shall serve as leader of the Elder Team. The guidelines for adding or removing pastors from the Elder Team are the same as for other elders as described above.

  • Proposed Change #2 (as a result of change #1)

    Current Wording:

    Legal Officers of the Church

    The legal officers of the church shall be the President, the Secretary, and the Treasurer. The Senior Pastor shall serve as the President.

    Proposed Edit:

    Legal Officers of the Church

    The legal officers of the church shall be the President, the Secretary, and the Treasurer. A designated elder shall serve as the President..


    Our heart in making this minor change to our by-laws is to give us more flexibility both now and in the future as we hire staff for Hope Church.  We believe in strong leadership -- it’s one of our core values!  But we also believe that a team approach is a healthier and a more effective way to lead a church.  We feel the current description places too great an emphasis on the title of “Sr. Pastor” and also too narrowly defines the role.  We believe this change will allow us as an elder team to assign roles and titles to our pastors and staff that best fit both their natural and spiritual gifting.  Titles can sometimes be misleading, and although we are not against any particular title, we believe we need the flexibility to accommodate the best person for the role and for what kind of leadership Hope Church needs in any given season.  

    Our spirit and approach has always been that we don’t want the church to serve the by-laws, we want the by-laws to serve the church.  We rarely make changes, but we feel that this one, though minor, is important.

    Thanks for your partnership with Hope - we don’t take that lightly.  We humbly ask you for your continued support in prayer, finances, and support of leadership decisions.  We continue to be amazed at what God is doing here and that you are a part of it.

Church By-laws

Click HERE to see the Hope Church Constitution and Bylaws.