Hope Church is once again proud to host the Global Leadership Summit in 2020!  However we will NOT be hosting a LIVE In-Person event in August.  

You have two options:

OPTION #1:  ONLINE ONLY - Thursday-Friday, August 6-7, 2020 [link will be given once registered]

**OPTION #2:  ON SITE OR ONLINE - Friday-Saturday, November 7-8, 2020 [link will be given once registered]

**We would love to host an in-person gathering for the Summit on these November dates.  However, we cannot make a determination at this time.  If on site gatherings are not possible at that time, a virtual option will still be available!



  Click here for more information.


What are the dates, times, and location?

  • The Summit will be simulcast in HD from Hope Church (230 East High St., East Hampton, CT, 06424)
  • The dates are August 6-7, 2020
  • The times are 9:30-5:30 each day

I'm not a leader.  Is this really for me?

YES!!!  We believe that this conference is for everyone - not just those in leadership positions.  This is an investment into yourself as a person.

I'm intrigued, but I'm not too sure about church or even God.  Is this for me?

We think so!  The conference does have spiritual undertones and a couple speakers are pastors and christians.  But other speakers feel the same way as you might.  This is a conference about bettering ourselves and the world in which we live.  We believe there are many different takeaways for those who consider themselves religious and those who don't.  Here at Hope Church, we want this place to be a safe and comfortable place for all and at the same time we are committed to challenging people to change their world.

Does the cost of the conference include food?

Sort of.  We provide free snacks all day long like Starbucks coffee, bottled water and juices, fruit, chips, and granola bars.  But we are not providing lunch.  You should eat before you come, snack and hydrate while you're here, and then find a local place for lunch! 

Can I just walk in on Thursday and attend?

Walk-ins are totally welcome, but in the off-chance that tickets sell out you may not have a seat.  It's best to register online to assure yourself a seat and the best prices available.  

Can I just attend for one day of the two?

Of course!  The cost can't be lowered but you have the freedom to come and leave as needed! {although we don't think you will want to miss anything ;)}