NEW UPDATE: 3/24/20, 10:30am

*Our current position is subject to change based on new information and daily mandated directives*

Hello Hope Church Family!

In compliance with our state mandate, as of today the Hope Church facility is shut down through the month of April at a minimum. We are not setting any kind of end date for a return to in-house events and we will continue to take this by the day and week.  

We will not stop being the church! In fact, we believe this is an OPPORTUNITY for the church. It just requires a little bit of change in our perspective. Remember that God's church is the people - not a building or programs! “Online” church is our new normal for the time being. And the encouraging thing is that we have seen literally hundreds of people tuning into our stream from around the world - but most importantly in our community.  We will continue to stream our services online every Sunday and we are looking at possibly adding multiple times throughout the weekend to even expand our reach! At this point we will continue to build out our site at cthope.online.church. This past weekend we know there were some connection issues because the servers were so overloaded. We’re confident that once these stabilize that this is the best way for you to connect. That chat room is awesome and the ability to pray with you is our heart. If we run into issues there is always our YouTube channel as a backup. Just search for “CT Hope Church Media”! In the spirit of transparency, as of this morning our staff only did receive special permission from the CT Department of Community and Economic Development to record our messages at our facility if we choose to. We may or may not choose this option, but we are committed to bringing you the best online experience we possibly can. 

We want to encourage you all that WE CAN DO THIS! Our pastors and staff have been brainstorming new and creative ways that we can engage and connect with each other at this time.  We encourage all of you to stay connected with us via our website and app.  We encourage you to stay connected with us and with each other with the abundance of awesome technology tools we have at our disposal!  We specifically are recommending ZOOM.  We feel that one of the most useful tools is through video chat using the app/site zoom.us.  Zoom allows you to set up an account with an email address and hold a video chat with your group participants using a phone, tablet or computer. (Please note: the free version will only allow you to meet for 40 minutes.)  We encourage you to download this app, set up an account, and use it!

We also implore you to stay home and stay safe.  We believe at this time that this is the BEST way to serve our community, our neighbors, our friends, and our families.  We want to uphold not only the letter of the law but also the spirit of the law.  Again, we are urging all of you - those we dearly love - to #StayhomeStaysafe.

We firmly trust that God is in control! We truly do. Remember that God is FOR us. He is WITH us. He goes BEFORE us. He loves HIS church and He loves this world. His grace is ABUNDANT and SUFFICIENT!

Finally, join Pastor Tom and Dan on Facebook LIVE this coming Thursday at 11am as we talk about the things that are going on at Hope right now!

We love you all and we are praying for you.

The Hope Church Elder Team